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You have recognised that your relationship with food is not healthy. Now you want to do something about it. Using an online video consultation service Dr Scholtz can see you in your home at your convenience and at an affordable cost.

Talking things through with a specialist doctor, a medical professional who really understands how complex our brains and bodies are when it comes to food, can really help. This gives you access to support, understanding and compassion at what she expects will be a time of important change for you. This support will help you identify, develop and use suitable weight loss treatments much more effectively.

If you would like to have a consultation about your weight issues and receive a personal treatment plan from Dr Scholtz, tailored to your individual needs, equipping you with the tools you need for long-term weight control, and including referrals on to the other online specialists who work with her, please book a consultation using the online booking link opposite. The consultation will cost you £250 and will take approximately an hour.

This consultation with Dr Scholtz will normally result in a letter to your GP which you will be copied to you with her diagnosis and her recommendations, including information on the likely costs of any programs that she recommends. This might include medication, if indicated, and suitable online – or local (if available) bespoke psychological, dietary and exercise treatment programs.

These online services are provided via psychiatry-uk.com’s sister company tele-therapy-uk.com. All online services provided by tele-therapy-uk.com are provided under the supervision of the consultant psychiatrists of psychiatry-uk.com and cannot be accessed without a consultation with one of psychiatry-uk.com’s doctors.

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