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Obesitydoctor-uk is the only comprehensive online weight management service in the UK, giving you discreet access to expert care in the comfort of your home.

Unfortunately, there is a sad lack of acknowledgement of the extent to which mental health or wellbeing is part of many peoples’ struggle with weight. Equally, although research has long established that human bodies resist long-term weight loss through gut-brain interactions, few services truly support an integrated knowledge of this into their weight management plans. Recognizing the pivotal value of food in our lives is centrally important if we are ever going to truly change this relationship for good.

Dr Samantha Scholtz is a consultant psychiatrist. That means that she is a medical doctor who has gone on to become a specialist in mental health. However, she is one of just a handful of psychiatrists in the whole country who really does specialise is the mental health problems that are associated with being overweight. She has put together a team who specialise in the interaction between the gut and brain when it comes to managing food and weight loss.

Dr. Scholtz and her team provide:

She is the main consultant for obesitydoctor-uk.com and one of the partners in psychiatry-uk.com, the national online psychiatric service.

If you are interested in receiving help from any of the specialists who have contributed to this site, the way to do it is to have an online consultation with  Dr Samantha Scholtz

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