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NHS Funding

The good news is that you have a good chance of getting NHS funding – though it may take some time to get approval.

It should definitely be available for the therapy services provided by Why Weight Online Ltd if you fulfil the necessary criteria – and you should certainly approach your GP surgery to discuss this with them. You should bring it to their attention that this is a Tier 3 weight management program, a specialist obesity service which provides a medically overseen multi-disciplinary approach to weight management  over a 12 month period.

NICE guidelines suggest that patients with obesity, especially if they have other illnesses associated with their weight, should be referred to Tier 3 services by their GP, so if such a program is not available or accessible locally or if you would like to exercise your right to patient choice  and you feel that this service is the most suitable one for you, do ask your GP for their support to obtain funding from your local CCG.

In theory, you could try to obtain funding to see Dr Scholtz as obesitydoctor-uk.com is a service provided by Psychiatry-UK LLP which is a qualified provider of services to the NHS and registered with the CQC. Unfortunately, with mental health services, it seems that this choice is limited to providers who are already have a contract to provide services to your local Clinical Commissioning Group – which means that the only services that you can receive are those that are locally available. However, we will would be very interested in supporting you and your GP in approaching your local CCG to obtain funding.

The service from endocrinology online ltd might be funded in terms of treatment for type 2 diabetes but liraglutide is not yet approved by NICE for use in the NHS for the treatment of obesity. It is only because the Dr Le Roux’s team are world leading researchers in this field that they are able to prescribe privately to those who they feel are suitable for the treatment.


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Dr Samantha Scholtz – MBChB MRCPsych Dip (CBT) PhD

Dr Scholtz is a consultant psychiatrist who specialises in the management of obesity and related disorders as well as the preparation of patients for bariatric surgery.

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