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Self Compassion


Self-compassion involves self-kindness (reacting with a kindness and understanding towards oneself when experiencing a negative event or stressor), mindfulness (the ability to hold emotions in a non-judgemental way) and common humanity (understanding that everyone goes through difficult times and viewing one’s life as part of the larger human experience).

Self-compassion can be seen as related to self-esteem in that individuals who react to their experiences in a kind and non-judgemental way tend to feel better about themselves.

Individuals who are kinder to themselves might be less hard on themselves for experiencing a normal emotion based on the event. By moving away from self-blame and self-criticism following eating, you will be free to think about alternative ways of calming down feelings and help yourself in a more compassionate way; learning to work with temptations rather than fight them. It is much more compassionate to acknowledge and respond to real needs than try to suppress them.

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