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What it costs

The following are approximate costs, and may vary according to individual needs:

Initial consultation with Dr. Scholtz£250.00
Endocrinology assessment, blood tests,
initial prescription and titration of liraglutide
On going monthly cost of liraglutide£150.00 per month
Therapy programmes £1500 to £2500
Maintenance package£50.00 per month

All of the medications that Dr Scholtz will prescribe herself will be available privately through our online pharmacy or from your GP. However, for consideration of a course of liraglutide, you will have to have a blood test that will cost £100 (the phlebotomy service will come out to your home to do the test), and then a full consultation with one of the endocrinologists from Endocrinology Online Ltd.

You will then need to have a period of titration – where the doctor makes sure that the dose is the right one by having a weekly email correspondence with you, and then a second blood test and follow up appointment after 3 or 4 months. The charge for the whole process, including the blood tests and the private prescriptions will be around £800. 50% of this will taken before the start of the treatment, and the balance before the follow up appointment. You will then be able to continue to receive Liraglutide from our on-line pharmacy at a monthly cost of £150.

However, liraglutide can only be prescribed alongside the bespoke therapy program developed for you by Dr Scholtz. These programs will consist of around 10 to 12 sessions over a 6 month period with dieticians, psychologists and even bariatric surgeons, as she recommends, and will cost between £1500 and £2500. Should you take the recommended on-line treatment plan,you will then pay 50% deposit. The courses will normally take 6 months and the second payment of 25% will be due after 3 months. The balance will be payable after 5 months.

Maintenance is essential for on-going success and development of self-management skills. Obesitydoctor-uk.com provides an online support forum, moderated and attended by all of the team. Those who go through the programs can also access our recommended behavioural management apps where required. Access to this sort of continued support will normally cost around £50 per month. Occasionally, those who have been through the program find they need some extra support and have one off sessions with particular members of the team. These tend to be on an ad hoc basis and are charged accordingly but will normally cost around £100 to £150.

You will receive an estimate for the cost of the full service recommended for you by Dr Scholtz with your copy of the letter that she will write to your GP. She will also let you know of any other local services that she knows of in your area that she believes might be of value to you, depending on your location.


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Dr Samantha Scholtz – MBChB MRCPsych Dip (CBT) PhD

Dr Scholtz is a consultant psychiatrist who specialises in the management of obesity and related disorders as well as the preparation of patients for bariatric surgery.

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